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Hi, my name is Luis Machado and technically I’m a Mechanical Engineer with a Master in Business Administration. It just so happens that I felt in love with photographing  architecture, commercial and interior design. I would say that I turned my passion into my career (You could say Serendipity).

During the years I have develop and grow my technique, lightning and composition skills that combined with my background I have been able to put on my customers images that translates on great Marketing assets that ultimately are responsible for a return on their investment.

I am, based in South Florida, USA and I have been lucky enough to also lived in Spain and Venezuela. Which it adds a nice seasoning to the mix 🙂   

My  objective is creating a visual reference for my clients that tells the story of love, usability, aspiration and objective for the space they have created and the surrounding where is located. All thru the vision of my lens.

If you have any questions about how I could work on your project ? or you would like to know more about me as a photographer. I will be happy to receive your message .

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